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国際会議 ISETS’15 における発表


Oral session
●Result of OPERA Experiment
N. Kitagawa

●Δm223 Measurement in OPERA
T. Hayakawa

●R&D for Observation of Neutrino Nucleus Coherent Scattering
O. Sato,

●Cosmic-ray radiography with nuclear emulsion
K. Morishima

●Development of High Position Resolution Ultra-cold Neutron Detector
N. Naganawa,

●Development of nuclear emulsion for fast neutron measurement
S. Machii

Poster session
●HTS – Ultrafast Nuclear Emulsion Readout System
R. Komatani

●Description of the Life in the Hospital by the Word of Physics
M. Nakamura

●Study of Tumulus by the Method of Muon Radiography
K. Ishiguro

●Improvement of Sensitivity of Nuclear Emulsion
M. Moto

●Improvement of angular accuracy of nuclear emulsion by using thick type plastic base
Y. Manabe

●Improvement of imaging performance with Emulsion Cloud Chamber for muon radiography
M. Kuno

●Charm to electron decay event in OPERA
T. Matsushita

●Exploration of volcanic internal structure by cosmic ray radiography using nuclear emulsion
A. Nishio

●Dark Matter Search with Cryogenic Nuclear Emulsion
M. Kimura

●Analysis of hadron interactions detected in balloon-borne emulsion chamber by automated emulsion read-out system
M. Morishita

国際会議ICRC2015 における発表

ICRC2015 (34th International Cosmic Ray Conference)
July 30 – August 6, 2015
The Hague, The Netherlands

●Latest emulsion detector for cosmic ray observation: high sensitive emulsion films and high speed readout system
Hiroki Rokujo

●Development of a balloon-style pressure vessel for GRAINE balloon-borne experiment in 2015
Hiroki Rokujo

国際会議 DPF2015 における発表

Meeting of the Division of Particle and Fields of the American Physical Society,  University of Michigan America, Aug. 4 – Aug. 8 2015
●Results from the OPERA experiment at the CNGS beam

1st ICAI Best Paper Award 受賞

Takashi Asada
The Simulation about Effects of Micro Construction in the Nuclear Emulsion

国際会議 FLASY2015 における発表

5th Workshop on Flavour Symmetries and Consequences at Colliders (FLASY 2015)
29 Jun – 02 Jul 2015. Manzanillo, Colima, Mexico

Results from the OPERA experiment at the CNGS beam


Symposium and Workshop on Muon-Optics-Geoneutrino-Radar and Photonics for Earth Studies
2015 年6月9日 Tokyo Prince Hotel

Main Symposium
Muography using nuclear emulsion detector (ポスター発表)

Nature Café
Looking through the Fukushima Daiichi Nuclear Power Plant

Nuclear Emulsion Technologies for Muography

国際会議 CYGNUS2015 における発表

Fifth workshop on directional detection of dark matter
Occidental College
L.A., CA 2-4 June 2015


The performance and status of directional dark matter search with the nuclear emulsion

Detection efficiency and angular resolution of directional dark matter search with the nuclear emulsion

Invention of super-resolution readout system using plasmon of directional dark matter search with emulsion

The 1st International Conference on Advanced Imaging (ICAI) における発表

会場 一橋メモリアルホール
会期 6月17日~19日


The Simulation about Effects of Micro Construction in the Nuclear Emulsion

Long Term Property of Nuclear Emulsion

Muography Using Nuclear Emulsion


Improvement of Crystal Sensitivity of Nuclear Emulsions for Muon Radiography

Image Analysis to Detect Submicron Tracks for Directional Dark Matter Search

The Study of Low Background Fine-grained Emulsion for Dark Matter Search