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2014 Oct. 5-7th
@ Hawaii Island, United States

International Workshop on “Double Beta Decay and Underground Science” DBD2014

Oral session
“Directional Dark Matter Search Project with Super-High Resolution Nuclear Emulsions”

Tatsuhiro Naka (中 竜大)

26th International Conference on Nuclear Tracks in Solids
26th International Conference on Nuclear Tracks in Solids (ICNTS26)
15th-19th September 2014
Kobe, Japan
Organizer: International Nuclear Track Society
Co-Organizer: Kobe University

Invited talk

  • Latest Developments in Nuclear Emulsion Technology
    Kunihiro Morishima (森島 邦博)

Oral talks

  • Development of nuclear emulsion detector for muon radiography
    Akira Nishio (西尾 晃)
  • Nuclear Emulsion Readout System, HTS
    Masahiro Yoshimoto (吉本 雅浩)
  • Fine grained nuclear emulsion and new readout system for dark matter search
    Takashi Asada (浅田 貴志)


  • Development of cosmic-ray muon radiography analysis system with nuclear emulsions
    Kunihiro Morishima (森島 邦博)
  • Development of nuclear emulsion for fast neutron measurement
    Shogo Machii (待井 翔吾)
  • Electron identification and energy measurement with Emulsion Cloud Chamber
    Nobuko Kitagawa (北川 暢子)
  • Development of Fast Neutron Detection for Dark Matter Search using Nuclear Emulsion
    Masahiro Yoshimoto (吉本 雅浩)



  • T. Doke Young Scientist Prize
    Masahiro Yoshimoto (吉本 雅浩)

ICHEP 2014

37th International Conference on High Energy Physics (ICHEP)
2-9 July 2014 VALENCIA

Oral presentation
Latest results on nu_mu -> nu_tau oscillations from the OPERA experiment
Masahiro KOMATSU (小松 雅宏)

XXX-th International Workshop on High Energy Physics

23-27 June 2014
IHEP, Protvino, Theoretical Division

Recent results from OPERA
Takuya OMURA

Pittcon Conference & Expo 2014

March 2 – 6, 2014 McCormick Place Chicago, IL USA

  • Automated Nuclear Emulsion Readout System and Its Applications