ICMass 2021における発表

International Conference on Materials and Systems for Sustainability 2021 (ICMaSS2021) における発表
6 Nov. 2021, online

・NINJA experiment : Neutrino research program with nuclear emulsion at J-PARC
T. Fukuda

・Nuclear Emulsion Production Facilities in Tokai National Higher Education and Research System for Large-scale Emulsion Experiments
Hiroki Rokujo

・Measurement of the Spatial Distribution of Quantized Ultracold Neutrons in the Earth’s Gravitational Field by a High Spatial Resolution Detector using a Fine-grained Nuclear Emulsion
武藤 直人、Hartmut Abele、有賀 智子、日野 正裕、広田 克也、市川 豪、Tobias Jenke、河原 宏晃、川崎 真介、北口 雅曉、Jakob Micko、三島 賢二、長縄 直崇、中村 光廣、Stéphanie Roccia、佐藤 修、René I. P. Sedmik、關 義親、清水 裕彦、多田 智美、梅本 篤宏

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