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ISETS 2013

International Symposium on EcoTopia Science
December 13-15, 2013
Nagoya University, Nagoya, Japan

Oral Program

Poster Program

F-lab Researcher Wins Outstanding Presentation Award.

  • Masahiro Yoshimoto (吉本雅浩)
    Title:Tracking techniques for nuclear emulsion readout

KMI International Symposium 2013

Sakata-Hirata Hall, Nagoya University
December 11-13, 2013

    Oral session

  • “Evidence for νμ→ντ oscillation by appearance mode from OPERA experiment”
    O. Satou (佐藤 修)
  • “Nuclear Emulsion technology and Directional Dark Matter Study”
    T. Naka (中 竜大)
    Poster session

  • “Directional Dark Matter Search wih the Fine Grained Nuclear Emulsion”
    T. Asada (浅田 貴志)
  • “GRAINE project: gamma-ray observation with balloon-borne emulsion telescope”
    H. Rokujo (六條 宏紀)

The 12th Symposium on X-ray Imaging Optics

The 12th Symposium on X-ray Imaging Optics

Osaka University Nakanoshima Center, Osaka, Japan 18-20 November 2013

Oral Session

  • Combined analysis between the hard X-ray microscope and optical microscope for the directional dark matter search with high resolution nulcear emulsion
    Naka Tatsuhiro (中 竜大)


NNN13: International Workshop on Next generation Nucleon Decay and Neutrino Detectors
11-13 November 2013
Kavli IPMU


    NAGANAWA, Naotaka (長縄 直崇)


Workshop on Nuclear Track Emulsion and its Future

Predeal, Romania 14-18 Octover 2013

Oral Session

  • Development of fast neutron and proton detector and its applications
    Development of muon radiography system with nuclear emulsion
    Morishima Kunihiro (森島 邦博)
  • Super Fast Automatic Emulsion Scanning System
    Yoshimoto Masahiro (吉本 雅浩)
  • Directional Dark Matter Search With Ultra Fine Grain Nuclear Emulsion
    Asada Takashi (浅田 貴志)

Poster Session

  • Development of Opera type emulsion detector and its production techniques
    Kunihiro Morishima (森島 邦博)

16th Lomonosov Conference

16th Lomonosov Conference on Elementary Particle Physics
August 22–28, 2013
Moscow State University, Moscow, Russia

  • The OPERA experiment, analysis status and recent results on muon-neutrino to electron-neutrino oscillations
    KITAGAWA Nobuko (北川 暢子)

Program and Slide

Windows on the Universe 2013

August 11-17, 2013
Quy Nhon, Vietnam

    Yuji Nakatsuka (中塚 裕司)

Program and Slide


Muon and Neutrino Radiography
Tokyo, Japan July 25-26, 2013

  • Development of the nuclear emulsion readout system HTS and an application to muon tomography
    Masahiro Yoshimoto (吉本 雅浩)
  • Development of the new nuclear emulsion detector for muon tomography
    Kunihiro Morishima(森島 邦博)

Program and slides


The 12th Asia Pacific Physics Conference of AAPPS
July 14-19, 2013
International Conference Halls, Makuhari Messe Chiba, Japan


  • High Sensitivity Cloud Chamber
    Hirotaka Hayashi (林 煕崇)

APPC12 Program


Third Workshop on Flavor Symmetries, FLASY13
1 – 5 July, 2013, Niigata, Japan

  • OPERA: Current status and future prospects of long baseline neutrino oscillation experiments
    ISHIGURO katsumi (石黒 勝己)

Program and Slide